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Management Department

Business Concentration in Entrepreneurship

Recently, interest in entrepreneurship — in both the business and academic spheres — has risen sharply. The business community has recognized that new ventures are the source of job creation and economic growth. Tax incentives from states (including New York) encourage innovation. And the number of colleges offering entrepreneurship instruction is more than 20 times larger than it was in the 1980s.

New York State approved the School of Management’s concentration in entrepreneurship in 2019, but we’ve been teaching these concepts and skills for more than a decade. Then as now, our approach combines theoretical coursework with experiential learning. Our program ensures that, upon graduation, students will have all the tools they need to be effective entrepreneurs. The concentration includes classes in:

  • Entrepreneurship — Examine topics related to developing successful business ideas and creating, managing and growing an entrepreneurial firm.
  • Innovation Management and New Product Development — Learn how to develop new products and services and manage the innovation process.
  • Advanced Topics in Entrepreneurship — An in-depth examination of entrepreneurship topics including starting new businesses, financing strategies, supply chain and inventory management, and staffing challenges.
  • Finance for Entrepreneurs — Focus on the financial challenges that entrepreneurs face, such as raising startup funds, customer acquisition costs, cash and receivables management, and liability issues.

Red Fox Spotlight

“The entrepreneurship program is a blend of everything: marketing, finance, accounting, and human resources. Creating a business plan and presenting it to actual investors really pushed me to understand the complexity involved in building a business. It’s great practice for real life.”

— Madison McKenney ’19

Fine-Tune Valuable Skills

A wealth of on-site resources help students put theoretical concepts into practice.

  • NYS Business Plan Competition — Students vie for seed money in this new-venture contest
  • Bloomberg terminals — Utilize real-time financial data in our Investment Center
  • Hudson Valley Startup Fund — Meet face-to-face with entrepreneurs and investors
  • Knowledgeable faculty — Including former entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Engaged alumni — Bring their experience and expertise into our classrooms